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Do you want to become our partner and be part of the software company developing Logmanager?

Our partner program is suitable for companies offering more advanced IT services in the areas of enterprise network security, network infrastructure, log management, SIEM deployment and management, or cybersecurity, etc.

It is divided into two levels, Logmanager Partner and Logmanager Certified Partner.

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Logmanager partner program

Thanks to its radical simplicity, Logmanager is installed worldwide in almost every well-known sector. Whether automotive, industrial, healthcare, service providers or administration, Logmanager meets even the most demanding requests of network administrators, IT and security managers.

Our products are being delivered to the market through a network of business partners, for whom we have prepared a program that helps them create new business opportunities, increase turnover and build trust-based relationships with customers

The partner program is particularly designed for system integrators, resellers and value-added resellers operating in the areas of cybersecurity, network infrastructure, SaaS, managed services and others. It brings many benefits that will be appreciated not only by the sales, but also by the technical departments – we provide a functional and radically simple solution.

By becoming a Logmanager partner, together with your customers, you enter the world of cybersecurity, hand in hand with an experienced and transparent manufacturer with Czech roots. Together, we'll help you meet any specific requirements, including security standards or commitments such as ZKB, GDPR, NIS 2 and more.

Logmanager Partner

Logmanager Partner is an initial level of partnership with Sirwisa a.s. At this basic level, you have access to business, marketing, technical and educational materials that will help you quickly and efficiently develop your knowledge of Logmanager solutions that you can use not only in business practice.

Even at this basic level, your opportunities will be covered by the project protection program. During conversations with the client you will receive our technical and commercial support whenever needed. However, the installation of the Logmanager solution remains with the manufacturer. Only at Logmanager Certified Partner level can you perform the installation yourself.

Logmanager Certified Partner

This level of partnership is designed for integrators who are ready to engage in greater growth of their business and technical activities related to Logmanager solutions. As a Logmanager Certified Partner, you will receive deeper discounts on the sale of our solutions and definitely better conditions than those provided by the basic level of partnership.

As a Logmanager Cerified Partner, you also have the opportunity to take part in our special workshops, where you can discuss any product areas of interest to you or provide key feedback from your customers to improve our solutions. The main advantage, however, is the ability to carry out the installation yourself, and thus increase the profit and reputation among customers.

Partner programs overview

Business benefits Logmanager Partner Logmanager Certified Partner
Sales documents
Deal Registration Program
Project Protection Program
Inclusion in the partner finder
Qualified business inquiries
Sales support
Sales and technical training at the partner's headquarters
Marketing benefits Logmanager Partner Logmanager Certified Partner
Access to marketing materials
Inclusion in the references/case study program
Logmanager Partner Certificate
Access to marketing funds
Technical benefits Logmanager Partner Logmanager Certified Partner
Technical webinar
Regular technical updates free of charge
Priority Technical Support & Customer Service
What requirements do we have for our partners? Logmanager Partner Logmanager Certified Partner
Logmanager System Expert 1 2
Logmanager Certified Sales Consultant 1 2
Logmanager section on the partner's website
NFR (Not For Resale) purchase of equipment for demo purposes
Joint business plan
Setting business goals in relation to annual turnover
Review of open opportunities quarterly monthly
Full competence of pre-sales and after-sales activities
Logmanager as part of marketing activities