Summary of 2022

With 2022 behind us, it's time to look back and summarise the highlights.

A new identity!

It was time to take our visual identity a little further and give it a fresh, modern twist. There was also a practical reason for this, many partners, customers, and ourselves, confused Logmanager, sometimes LOGMANAGER, LogManager, etc. We are Logmanager, radically simple.

New website, logo, corporate identity, infographics and we could go on. Hand in hand with that in the future will be a refresh of the look of our product itself, but that doesn't belong here yet.

A support portal, expansion of the development team and a dedicated L3 support engineer.

We've provided new support options for our customers and partners, now through the portal. Support is a priority for us, and we are constantly working on improvements and processes to make it more efficient, which is why we have also hired a dedicated specialist just for it. We have added 6 developers to our team this year.  We also have a new L3 specialist to streamline technical support. He does his full-time best to keep our customers happy, even if something happens to go wrong on the first try.

Logmanager software technicial update

First and foremost, thank you for the trust you place in our product, it allows us to continually evolve it. Even though technical issues plague us from time to time and our developers experience sleepless nights, the product, like us, is constantly growing and evolving.

  • Better clustering - we now support up to 4 nodes between which automatic load balancing can be enabled
  • We have unified the software versions, no more "two branches", but one Logmanager for all models. So one version of the software runs on the 2014 model as well as on the Logmanager model that was deployed yesterday. 
  • We have updated the branch or DMZ collection system - Logmanager Forwarder and fine-tuned its support for Beats agents as well
  • We added support including central management for Microsoft Sysmon, adding a new dimension to visibility into events in the Microsoft environment
  • We removed IPsec and replaced it with the modern WireGuard protocol
  • We've optimized performance to deliver zero log loss over the long term, even with system overload