Customer stories

Our customers come first. This is our motto and we do everything we can to live up to it. Every Logmanager implementation is preceded by thorough discovery process, to learn about client needs and pains. Then we run a PoC, to make sure Logmanager is a right fit and can actually solve client issues. Only then can we recommend a working solution. We do this because we don't like to sell a proverbial "cat in a bag" - we strive to achieve 100% satisfaction.
Stories of our customers are a testimony to this approach. You can read some of them below.

  • Brno City Transport Company, a.s.

    Brno City Transport Company, a.s.'s label

    "Logmanager is the most useful thing we've gotten for our IT in years. It works first time, it's fast and easy not only to work with our own data but also to administer. At its core it includes support for all the important systems our organisation uses. Thanks to Logmanager's certified vendor, the implementation and subsequent training went very well. Our knowledge was supplemented by training organised by the manufacturer and detailed Czech documentation and a clear technical support portal are available. The solution is a great asset to the IT department's operations. On behalf of the Brno Transport Company we recommend. Ing. Xenia Malá Head of IT Department"

    Ing. Xenia Malá, Head of IT Department

  • University of Economics

    University of Economics's label

    "The computer network of our university connecting via LAN and WLAN more than 11,000 devices and 17,500 active students and academics. In such quantities, it is difficult to keep track of events and its relations. LOGmanager gives us an overview of all events in our computer network, including the significant correlations between them."

    Tomáš Skřivan, IT Networking, Department Director

  • The State Agricultural Intervention Fund

    The State Agricultural Intervention Fund's label

    "Firstly, we were looking for a tool to store the audit information about transactions from our System for the distribution of subsidies to farmers. Everywhere we face problems with licensing and low performance. We finally deployed LOGmanager not only to store audit information, but also for the management of all logs in our organization. Now we have a simple while still powerful tool for troubleshooting and auditing simultaneously."

    Ing. Zdeněk Niepel, IT department Director

  • University of Ostrava

    University of Ostrava's label

    "Through our Firewall runs communication of 20 000 university network users. Such amount of connections is not easy to log and control. We were facing performance issues, licensing for events per second, licensing per devices. LOGmanager has great performance and no licensing on top of it."

    Jiří Kubina, Network Admin, University of Ostrava IT department

  • Prague 3 Municipal District

    Prague 3 Municipal District's label

    "Prague 3 Municipal District – “We do not need an expensive SIEM solution with amount of complex features. We were looking for central repository of logs with analytic functions and sufficient performance. LOGmanager has adequate price, is easy to work with and has no EPS or device license policy. It exactly fits our needs."

    Tomáš Hilmar, CIO Prague 3, Municipal District of the Capital City of Prague.

  • Czech TV

    Czech TV's label

    "Czech TV – “Just 2 admins spent only 2% of their working hours. Mostly adding or correcting log sources, adding alerts and general use of the system. In comparison with other tools we appreciate simplicity, intuitive control, synoptic graphical interface and no-license product policy. LOGmanager gives us exactly what we need – orientation in Security and Operational events of the computer environment on Czech TV."

    Ing.René Pisinger, Manager of IT Support

Case studies

  • G.EN. GAZ Energia

    G.EN. GAZ ENERGIA Sp. z o.o. is the biggest private distributor of natural gas in Poland, covering an area of 87 Municipalities in 5 districts, with a base of around 40,000 clients and 1M MWh gas sold in 2019.

  • University of Konštantína Filozofa in Nitra

    The University of Konštantína Filozofa in Nitra is a university public higher education institution whose mission is to develop harmonious personality, knowledge, wisdom, goodness and creativity in man and thus contribute to the development of education, science, culture and health for the welfare of the whole society. The main role of the University of Applied Sciences in fulfilling its mission is the provision of higher education and creative scientific research or creative artistic activity.

  • Dr.Max

    Dr. Max Group operates and administers a highly diverse IT environment that supports not only pharmacies but also warehousing operations as well as distribution, development and manufacture of medicines. It consists of multiple database systems and an extensive IT network.

  • Telco Pro Services a.s., member of CEZ group

    Telco Pro Services, a. s. is a telecommunication operator whose business activities focus on providing telecommunication services to customers in the Czech market, mostly CEZ Group companies. Its product portfolio includes both public e-communication services and customer-oriented services tailored to customers’ individual requirements. Range of operations render company with significant market power on the telecommunication market.

  • Czech Television

    Czech Television manages information systems designed for the operation of the Czech Television, a number of database systems and a very extensive computer network. It operates more than 3000 computers, 250 virtual or physical servers (Windows, LNX, Unix) and over 200 network elements.

  • ČD Cargo, a.s.

    ČD Cargo a.s. (“ČDC”) is the largest Czech rail freight carrier. ČDC is a subsidiary of the national carrier České dráhy, a.s. Both companies, together with other subsidiaries, belong to the ČD Group.

  • Hospital Jihlava

    Jihlava Hospital is a budgetary organization established by the Vysočina Region. As the largest hospital in the region, it employs more than 1,500 people. It is a catchment area hospital serving the population of approx. 200,000 and up to 500,000 in selected specializations. It offers 621 acute care beds, 75 aftercare beds and 10 beds for palliative care.

  • O2 Logmanager

    O2 came to the Slovak market in February 2007 as the third mobile operator. Since its beginning, it has brought revolutionary solutions, open communication and fairness to all customers. With a simple product portfolio, it seeks to systematically change the rules of mobile communication.

  • Budimex

    Budimex SA is a company with a fifty-year tradition, which has made a significant contribution to Poland's economic development. The company has completed thousands of modern infrastructure, volume and industrial investments. Budimex's culture of innovation, excellence and adherence to the principles of sustainable development have enabled it to become a leader in the Polish construction market.

  • City Karviná

    Karviná is a statutory town in the Moravian-Silesian Region. It is located on the territory of the historical Těšín Silesia, 18 km east of Ostrava on the Olše River. It has approximately 54 thousand inhabitants with a significant Slovak and Polish minority. It is the university, tourist, spa and economic centre of the eastern Ostrava region with a catchment area of over 200,000 inhabitants.