Logmanager support portal

Hi folks,

good news everyone!

In the last few days, we have been busy at LOGmanager, because we launched a new support portalhttps://support.logmanager.cz. We’ve heard your call for improved communication and better and easier service request management.

What is changing for you?

  • If you don’t want to, then nothing. You can continue to send your requests/tickets and questions by email directly to help@logmanager.cz and communicate only by email.
  • If you create an account on the portal, you can manage tickets and even see all existing across your entire organization (identification here is based on the domain in the email „@domain.com“).

What does the portal bring?

  • In addition to managing and creating tickets, here you will also find a basic support knowledge base that contains key articles for LOGmanager support, for example factory setting the box, generating TSR, exporting logs, etc.
  • We have also added a section of known errors, which we will gradually update according to the LOGmanager versions. Although we know that the release notes contain it, we decided to have it in one place.
  • Ticket management within the organization – if your colleague creates a ticket, you will see it, the condition is to have registered on the portal with the same email domain. For this reason, however, we will reject all tickets that are created from public email services (such as @gmail.com, @protonmail.ch and @seznam.cz and the like).
  • The basis of the portal is also the FAQ section, where there is step by step how to create a ticket and other important information.

What are the limitations?

  • You can insert attachments into attachments and tickets, but only up to 20 MB. If you will be sharing a larger file with us, please use your services or search for „sharing“ in the FAQ.
  • The portal is in English and Czech so far, but we can consider adding other languages in the future.