Logmanager and our goals in 2023

Cloud, that is not what this is all about!

More and more organizations are moving to the cloud, it is a trend that can not be stopped and trying does not make sense because the cloud makes sense - we realize it. The cloud has become an integral part of our lives, we can not imagine existing without it, whether it is email, shopping, security services or infrastructure.

Because we put the customer first, we have set a new goal - to release a virtual Logmanager, which we are currently working on. We are following current trends and joining other major vendors which have also taken this path. Covering the needs of data centers, customers and cloud services will be one of our priorities.

The virtual version will allow more flexible scaling, licensing and ultimately easier operation of the solution itself. So, in the future, the virtual version will replace Logmanager demo boxes, simplifying the process of testing, deploying and presenting the whole solution.

Not only customers but also partners will be able to reap the benefits of radically simple event/log collection leveraging cloud technologies. Virtual Logmanager opens the door to other interesting projects, where our stable product is an advantage. Logmanager enables you to grow your business even further, whether it is a simple product-as-a-service model or a security solution where you can not use physical boxes.

Virtual Logmanager will simplify the testing and deployment process, enable more effective training, and ensure the availability of critical audit information collection where it has not been possible before. Look for radical simplicity behind everything, just the way you are used to.