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About Logmanager

We're growing. As well as the number of our satisfied customers. We started with the idea that we would build a good product at a reasonable price. In a company we'd enjoy working for, full of cool people. That we would build a product that would appeal to the super-complex market with its radical simplicity and performance. Today, we know we're succeeding. There are more than 25 of us at Logmanager and we have a lot of customers, even big name ones. But there is always room for improvement, room to innovate, develop and grow.

Security research, advanced integrations, excellent documentation, proficient and friendly technical support? We have. And we're planning more and growing.

Are you tired of being the smartest one in your team? Join us! :)

We are looking for a skilled marketing specialist for our company who is independent and has experience from a technology startup. At Logmanager, we started with the idea of building a good product at a reasonable price. Today we already know that we are doing well and growing. That's why we decided to boost growth abroad, and for that we need you!

We are looking for a person who knows how to work without being assigned tasks from the go-to-market development phase through the creation of convincing messaging to execution in the form of campaigns. Such a person should be proud of his work and achievements and should fight for the team and be able to think about priorities and outputs. If you are a person who can measure the results of your work, make quick and effective decisions and constantly move forward, then we would like to meet you!

What kind of person are we looking for:

  • Experience in marketing and campaigns, especially in companies with a technology focus and a startup culture.
  • Independence and the ability to work without direct assignment of tasks, but also the ability to cooperate in a team and manage relationships with other departments.
  • Knowledge of tools for creating and optimizing campaigns (e.g. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads).
  • Experience with news and copywriting, ability to create a communication strategy and process campaign results into reports for colleagues.
  • Analytical skills and the ability to interpret data and statistics to optimize campaigns and prioritize decisions.
  • Ability to adapt to a fast-paced environment and be flexible in solving new challenges.

What outputs do we expect from you:

  • Increase in traffic and conversions on the Logmanager website
  • Design and execution of successful campaigns to expand the customer base abroad
  • Increasing awareness of the Logmanager brand and its position on the market
  • Implementation of effective marketing tools to increase sales
  • Regular monitoring and analysis of the results of marketing campaigns and customized strategies based on the observed data
  • Starting shared marketing activities with our business partners

What do we offer?

Working on an innovative solution that makes sense for us and our customers. Participating on a product that customers really like and in a team that strives to do things right. You will find colleagues with whom you will feel comfortable, just like in our environment, where you will certainly often hear the word "thank you". If you have experience from a technology startup and you want to work on something that makes sense and grows, get in touch!

Do you want to work with us?

Family, health, work, fun. In this order we look at the important things in life and appreciate all of them.

• Interested in working on a solution that makes sense?
• A product that customers really like?
• With a team that's trying to do things right?
• With innovative technology?
• With colleagues you're unlikely to feel smartest next to?
• With people who don't care about your age or gender, but about your drive?
• On a project where you can experience the results of your work?
• In a nice environment where the word thank you is often heard?
• In a team where there is someone to learn from?

If so, please get in touch. We would love to get to know you

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