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About Logmanager

We're growing. As well as the number of our satisfied customers. We started with the idea that we would build a good product at a reasonable price. In a company we'd enjoy working for, full of cool people. That we would build a product that would appeal to the super-complex market with its radical simplicity and performance. Today, we know we're succeeding. There are more than 25 of us at Logmanager and we have a lot of customers, even big name ones. But there is always room for improvement, room to innovate, develop and grow.

Security research, advanced integrations, excellent documentation, proficient and friendly technical support? We have. And we're planning more and growing.

PHP Developer - Are you tired of being the smartest one in your team? Join us! :)

We are looking for software engineers who are not afraid of new technologies and unexplored paths. You will be implementing one of the most important components in Logmanager - central Logmanager API. You will be part of a team full of experts in security, encryption, testing, API and many other areas of development.

Logmanager is a system for IT incident management, central management of machine data, security information and events. It has over 250 installations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and other countries. Among the companies that use Logmanager are, for example, Czech TV, Prague 3 district, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (ČZU) or Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE).

What do we offer

  • The background of professionals from the field, who are happy to teach you anything
  • Every day you touch Docker, GitLab CI, testing (TDD if you want)
  • If you get tired of PHP, you can jump to Go, Python, JavaScript, actually almost anything :)
  • No "possibility to influence the product", but a mammoth share of shaping the product and our vision
  • A place where each week, you are solving something nobody solved before you
  • Working with Czech PHP OpenSource gurus Pavel Janda and Milan Šulc
  • Network security consultations with a certified hacker

What do we expect from you

  • Open communication - if something bothers you, we want to hear about it! :)
  • Writing a "Hello, world" app in PHP. No, seriously, PHP 8.2 would be good.
  • Ability to learn and absorb new data
  • GIT!
  • Fluent english

What are you going to work on

  • Implementing central Logmanager API
  • Not necessarily TDD but code testing - yes
  • Solving complex challenges and situations

Logmanager technologies

  • PHP, Python, Go, JavaScript
  • Linux, Docker, GitLab
  • Filebeat, Winlogbeat, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Redis, Tinyproxy, Nginx
  • Let's try it with us!

Contribute to a product that processes billion logs every week and competes with products like ArcSight or QRadar.

Write us! :)

Do you want to work with us?

Family, health, work, fun. In this order we look at the important things in life and appreciate all of them.

• Interested in working on a solution that makes sense?
• A product that customers really like?
• With a team that's trying to do things right?
• With innovative technology?
• With colleagues you're unlikely to feel smartest next to?
• With people who don't care about your age or gender, but about your drive?
• On a project where you can experience the results of your work?
• In a nice environment where the word thank you is often heard?
• In a team where there is someone to learn from?

If so, please get in touch. We would love to get to know you

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